Chromosphere: The Color Theory Podcast

This podcast centers on my research and understanding of color, color usage, and optics as they relate to theories of human color perception in the making of visual art and design.

By Ed Charbonneau, an artist (drawing and painting focus) who is an adjunct faculty member in the Foundation and Fine Arts Departments at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and a Contracted Faculty of Practice in the Department of Art and Design at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. (Content expressed does not reflect the views of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design or Concordia University.)

For inquiries, please email Ed Charbonneau: ed.charbonneau[at]


Interview with Dr. David Briggs: Understanding and Applying Colour
Season 3, episode 2, November 2023
Further information related to the episode

Interview with Jeremy Szopinski
Season 3, episode 1, October 2023
Portfolio and information about Jeremy’s artwork



Mary Gartside and the Colour Ball: A Correction
Season 2, episode 9, April 2023 (season final)

Focal Points and the Roots of Abstraction, part 1
Season 2, episode 8, March 2023

Red, White, Gray, and Black
Season 2, episode 7, February 2023

No Science and No Math
Season 2, episode 6, January 2023

Color Theory and the Grocery Store
Season 2, episode 5, December 2022

Harmony part 3: A New Canon
Season 2, episode 4, November 2022

Harmony part 2
Season 2, episode 3, October 2022

Harmony part 1
Season 2, episode 2, September 2022

Primary Colors part 3
Season 2, episode 1, August 2022